Do you want to purchase a bong? If yes, you should follow the right steps to make the right decision. The selection of a right water pipe or bong depends on your taste, budget, need and style. When you visit nearby market to purchase water pipe, you will find bongs in different designs, styles, colors, materials and sizes. Hence in order to make right choice, it is necessary to consider your needs, budget and style in mind. When you do some research work, you can easily find a right bong for you. If you are a beginner, you can follow the steps given below to make the right choice.

Have basic information about bongs

First of all, it is necessary to grab basic information related to water pipes. Bong consists of different parts and components like vaporizers, steam rollers, chillums, pipes, mouthpiece and bubbler. Each part has its own unique function. The water pipes are made from bamboo, wood, ceramic, plastic, acrylic and glass material. Each material has its specific features and drawback. You must know positive aspects of each type of material. It is good to do some online research work to have information about price and brands of water pipes present in the market? This information will help you a lot to make the right decision.

What will be bong environment?

It is a basic and very important question. You must decide and know the frequency of use of water. Do you want to use bong once in a day? Do you want to use it in gatherings? Do you want to keep bong with you during travels? You should answer all these questions to make the right decision. If you want to use bongs personally, you should select glass water pipe. If you want to use it during travel, you should select small size water. For frequent and gathering use, you should purchase plastic or ceramic water pipe.

What is your budget range?

You must keep your budget range in mind. If you have limited or short budget, you should look for a plastic or ceramic bong. You can also select a small size bong in this situation. In case of extra or unlimited budget range, you can choose glass water pipe. The use of glass water pipe is very popular because it offers unique style and design. However glass material is very sensitive and delicate. In case of break of glass bong, you will need extra investment to purchase it.

Where you will use bong?

Do you want to keep water pipe in living room? If yes, you should select a beautiful water pipe to impress your guests. You can also use glass percs, ice catchers or bubblers in this situation. In order to view latest designs and styles of water pipes, you can see the online source. You can also buy bongs online by sitting at your home. There are present plenty of websites who offer bongs online for your convenience.

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