Cool Bongs

No one would like to use a bong unless it is cleaned. There is no hard and fast rule followed in order to make a bong clean, but after sometime the bong needs to be washed. It is quite natural for a bong to get residue inside, it may be due to number of factors, and some users don’t bother to place the bongs at a place where there is clean environment. Otherwise after some time there is a percentage of the residue inside the bong that cab accumulate inside easily. Some people like to use cool bongs because it gives them a unique feeling.
The cool bongs are easily available in the market. The life of the bong can be extended by taking care of it. Taking care of the bong is quite easy. There are only a few steps that can help user get their bongs clean. First of all you have admitted the fact that cool bongs can get ash, debris, residue, grime and gunk. All of these factors are quite natural because there is percentage of the ash, debris, residue, grime and gunk that will consistently increase in the bong. Cleaning the bong is an easy job; there are only a few steps that can give you a clean bong.
Take a bong that needs to be cleaned, just like the other glass material, add some water in to the bong, before draining the hot water from the bong, you have to make it sure that the bong is swirled properly. In order to keep the water inside the bong, there are numbers of stoppers available that can help covering the holes. The gunk inside the bong should be removed on the top priority because it can deeply affect the color of the bong. Most of the cool bongs are attractive because of the glass color, to remove the gunk; you need to add some cleaner into the hot water.
Sometimes the cleaner may not be able to remove the tar from the bong; in that case you can also use some salt. But shake the bong well because it can get stuck inside the bong. Most of the cool bongs have complex structure, due to which it is not that easy to remove the oily residue. There is anti-lime solution available in the market, using the solution; it is easy to get rid of the oily substance inside the bong.
The cool bongs may have some areas that are hard to reach; in that case long q-tips can be an alternate as well. Using the Q-tips you can removed the residue quite easily without doing damage to the bongs. The grime might need rinsing of the bong a second time.
Repeat the same procedure for the second time because it can remove the grime from the cool bongs that you might be using. The last thing that is required to keep the cool bongs useable is the soaking of the water.

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