Glass Water Bong


Glass water bong: A perfect choice for a new comer
There are vast variety of smoke alternatives available for cigarettes. Most of the new comers will find it hard to smoke a cigarette specially the intensity of the smoke that a cigarette can produce. For people that are interested in smoking mostly prefer to get the smoking alternatives not just because of the fact that it is easier to smoke them and secondly these alternatives are less harmful than the conventional ones. For the same reason there is an increased popularity that smoking alternatives like Glass water bong is getting. When a new comer had to inhale a cigarette, it causes irritation in the throat. Glass water bong doesn’t cause any kind of irritation in the throat. One of the reasons is that the reason present in the water bong. When a smoke is inhaled inside by the users, there are bubbles produced due to the presence of the water makes smoke more easier to take. If we talk about a normal cigarette, it may have kind of tobacco that can harm the health. You never know how much impurities are there . Once a cigarette is smoked by a new user, new user not only have to bear the irritation that a smoke can create but at the same time the impurities are to be taken along with the smoke. Glass water bong is a totally different concept here, a new comer can avoid impurities by using a water pipe, the water inside the pipe will be warm enough to keep the impurities away from the smoke that will be reaching the lungs of the user. The advantages of the Glass water bong doesn’t end here, most of the new comers might not know that there are bacteria present in the tobacco, a normal cigarette might not be that harmful but a bacteria can cause other smoking conditions as well. One of the condition is bronchitis that can lead to other issues. So why not to pick Glass water bong in order to enjoy new smoking taste without getting any kind of harm, warm water inside the bong will certainly make the bacteria die hence providing harmless smoke to the new comers. Glass water bong is not the only option here for a new comer, a new comer can certainly pick a metal or a plastic water bong. But there are some facts that are not known to most of the people, plastic water bongs may get heat after some time, and more importantly during the manufacturing of the plastic water bongs, it is not considered that a plastic water bong might be adding chemical to the water inside. The water eventually converts into the smoke that is inhaled later on. It means the chemical are directly reaching to the smoker, same is the case with the aluminum pipes as well. Glass water bong will surely not allow any kind of chemical to accumulate inside as the glass is considered more safe.

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