Advantages of smaller weed bowl
There are various weed bowls available in the market. The users can pick and choose from a vast variety of the bowls. The weed bowls can be as large as you wanted them to be, but large weed bowls are not only expensive but at the same time weed bowl can be sensitive as well.
Glass is normally used in making weed bowls because glass can give a refined touch to the weed bowl. Moreover glass makes a weed bowl attractive and handy. Smoking weed can be entertaining but it can only be possible if you can use weed bowl anywhere you want. There are may be some restrictions in using the weed bowl but that is not always the case. Most of the time, it is difficult to carry a weed bowl because of its size.
The glass with which most of the weed bowls are made up of are delicate. There is a reasonable amount of the stress that a bigger weed bowl can withstand. Therefore it is more convenient to use a weed bowl that is smaller in size. There are number of advantages that can be taken from a smaller weed bowl. First of all small weed bowls are cheap, as higher you get in terms of size the more money you have to pay.
Always try to keep it simple, it is obvious that you don’t want your weed bowl to be damaged especially when you are carrying it somewhere. Secondly, a weed bowl must be convenient to use. There are weed bowls available that are semi-discreet. Semi discreet bowls are always considered because it offers portability to the users. Small weed bowls are easy to carry; you can place the bowl in your pocket as well
. These kinds of bowls are easily being packed into the luggage as well. The one most prominent advantage of the small weed bowls is that these bowls offer quick smoking experience to the users. A smaller weed bowl can be lighted very quickly. You just need to grab a lighter to use smaller weed bowl.
Larger weed bowls need some time to get operational. A smaller weed bowl can also be used when you are on the move, like if you are planning to have a walk, you can use a weed bowl quite easily. Another advantage of using a small weed is that there are low smoking temperatures used. Lower smoking temperature means that the weed bowl is safer to be used at most of the places. There is no harm in using the weed bowl anywhere. Weed bowls are also categorized in terms of the air flow that they have to offer.
A Smaller weed bowl will give a better air flow control to the user, whereas large sized weed bowl will not be offering a good air flow to the user. These are some of the advantages that can be taken by purchasing a small weed bowl as compared to a large weed bowl.