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Types of marijuana vaporizer

There are various kinds of vaporizers available in the market, these vaporizers are easy to pick if a smoker knows about the inside construction. Both physical appearance and the internal component make a vaporizer different. The difference may not be observed physically but there are some definite changes from the inside. As far as marijuana vaporizer is concerned, there are various types that can make the difference in the end. The technology used inside a marijuana vaporizer can make a difference. This normally depends upon the taste of a smoker. Some of the smokers may like to have the intense smoke. This can easily be achieved through a cigarette but risk will obviously be greater. The two basic kinds of marijuana vaporizer will be conduction vaporizer and the convection vaporizer.  There is a difference between the two. The phenomenon used inside a vaporizer is actually that makes the vapor difference. However, if we talk about the quality of the vapor then convection is more reliable than the conduction marijuana vaporizer. The major target is to provide active ingredients to the user without adding any kind of impurities to the vapors. In conduction vaporizer, there is a preheated core used, a preheated core means when the herbs are added to the chamber, the chamber will be already heated. This will makes the herbs heat to a limited level leaving behind the herbs that are at the middle of the chamber. The vapors are just great, but the herbs may not be able to get the heat and the middle portion of the herbs may get unheated leaving behind a pure herb.  The problem arises when a preheated chamber keep on heating already heated herbs. This may cause impurities to burn as well, the oils that are to be extracted from the herbs may get overheated. The toxins may get activated due to extensive heat. Therefore the conduction method is not popular as it was used to be. Another type of marijuana vaporizer is the convection vaporizer. The process is almost the same except for the fact that the core inside the chamber is not allowed to be preheated. The concept that is used in the convection marijuana vaporizer is totally changed. Heated air is used to pass through the herbs. The advantages of using heated air through the herbs is that there air can reach to the middle part of the herbs. Once the heat reaches the middle part, it gets the required oils extracted from the herbs. There is no concept of overheating, there is a thermostat given that can manage to heat the herbs. But when there is a thermostat used, it can have a heavy impact onto the price of marijuana vaporizer.  It is not that easy to control the level of heat through the air, therefore manufactures charge a little more from the smokers. The price difference between the two is much more than what is actually expected. But it is worth paying for the conventional vaporizer.

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